Alcohol Beverage Study Commission

The Alabama Alcohol Beverage Study Commission (AABSC) will examine the State of Alabama’s Alcohol Beverage laws related to the three tier system and licensing to subsequently provide recommendations for updating the Alabama Code relative to creating fair, consistent, and best practices legislation for Alabama’s alcohol industry.


Representative Alan Harper

Senator Paul Sanford

Commission Members:

Representative Alan Boothe

Representative Steve Clouse

Representative Anthony Daniels

Senator Tim Melson

Senator Arthur Orr

Senator Bobby Singleton

William Thigpen

The Commission is staffed by the Alabama Law Institute.

Othni J. Lathram,

Mike Hill,



Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Study Commission Report


Public Hearings:

Mobile: Thursday, July 16th at 2:30 p.m.
Mobile City Council Auditorium, Ground Floor of Government Plaza, Mobile, AL 36633

Hoover: Tuesday, July 28th at 10:00 a.m.
Hoover City Hall – Third Floor, 100 Municipal Lane, Hoover, AL 35216

Huntsville: Tuesday, July 28th at 2:30 p.m.
Municipal Building, 308 Fountain Circle, Huntsville, AL 35801


Commission Materials:

Act 2015-144, Creating the Commission

Background Memorandum on Three-Tier System

Study Commission Specific Mission Memo

Proposed Discussion Questions

Meeting Minutes:

May 20th, 2015

Public Comment Forms Received

1. Jason Wilson, Alabama Brewers Guild; Back Forty Beer Company
2. Patrick Guyton, Child Advocacy Center, Inc.
3. Stuart Carter, Free the Hops
4. Burt Patrick, Alabama Wine Industry
5. Randal Wilson, White Oak Vineyards/Southern Oak Wines
6. Seth Dettling, Big Escambia Spirits, LLC
7. Mary Zoghby, Boys & Girls Clubs of South Alabama
8. Phillip Kinney, Alabama Beer Association
9. Jahn Coppey, Alabama Wineries Association, LLC
10. Dan Roberts, Alabama Brewers Guild
11. Brian Kane, Fairhope Brewing Company
12. Michael Sullivan, Wine Institute
13. John Gartrell
14. Rodney Snider, Cheaha Brewing Company
15. Terry Humphryes, Billy’s Sports Grill & Live Bait
16. Tom Vizzina, Alabama Wineries Association
17. Jim Eddins, Perdido Vineyards

Supplemental Information Received from Third Parties

1.  The Three-Tier System: A Modern View received from Alcohol Beverage Control Board
2.  For Small and Large Brewers, The U.S. Market is Open received from Donna Alexander, Alabama Beer Wholesalers
3.  Tastings Bill from Regular Session 2015 (SB247) received from Gina Dearborn
4. Economic Impact of the Beer Industry, received from Donna Alexander, Alabama Beer Wholesalers
5. Proposal received from Alabama Distillers Guild
6. Alabama Impact received from Alabama Beer Association
7. The Difficulty of Re-Regulation. Lessons from New Zealand, received from Alcohol Beverage Control Board
8. Craft Beer Boom Puts Pressure on State Regulations, received from Alcohol Beverage Control Board
9. Letter from Fairhope Mayor Timothy Kant
10. Think Global; Drink Local; Support Alabama Wineries, received from Cindy Moore, Five Points Farms
11. Letter from American Cancer Society
12. Powerpoint Presentation from Rebecca Maisel, Gulf Distributing & Allstate Beverage
13. Letter from Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle
14. Letter from Tuscaloosa Mayor Walter Maddox
15. List of Supported Charites from Alabama Brewers Guild
16. Economic Impact Analysis of the Effects of Alabama Breweries of Off-Premises Consumption of Alcohol, received from Alabama Brewers Guild
17. Brewery Jobs Infograph, received from Alabama Brewers Guild
18. List of Supported Alabama Non-profits from Cahaba Brewing
19. Letter from Caitlin Blackerby, Cahaba Brewing Company
20. Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act Introduced, from Alcohol Beverage Control Board
21. Letter from David Carn, Black Forty Beer
22. Direct Shipment Bill
23. How the new Beer Jobs Bill is Impacting Local Breweries, received from Alcohol Beverage Control Board
24. Letter from Guntersville Mayor Leigh Dollar
25. Post Hearing Letter from Alabama Brewers Guild
26. Starting your own Wine Business, received from Five Points Farms
27. Tennessee Wine Industry Attracts Tourists, Supports Farmers, received from Five Points Farms
28. Sazerac Alabama Final Presentation
29. Vineyard & Winery Management from Five Points Farm
30. Tax Revenue Information from Alabama Beer Association
31. Information regarding License fees received from Jahn Coppey, Wills Creek Vineyards
32. Information on the Distiller’s League of Alabama
33. 2012 Issue Briefs for States
34. Proposal from Alabama Brewers Guild
35. Alabama License Diagram from Alabama Wine Industry
36. HJR154 Alabama Winery Information from Alabama Wine Industry
37. Tax Parity with Distributors from Alabama Brewers Guild
38. Economic Impact of Alabama Beer Wholesale Distributors from Alabama Beer Association
39. Tied-House Prohibitions by Jim Eddins, Perdido Vineyards