Agency Services

  1. Legislative Legal Staff
    For over 30 years the Alabama Law Institute has provided legal counsel for both the House and Senate Judiciary Committees. The Institute continues to provide legal counsel to the Legislature. For the 2015 Legislative Session, the Institute will provide four lawyers to assist in various committees in the House of Representatives and four lawyers to assist in various committees
    in the Senate.

  2. Legislative Law Clerk Program
    In 2013, the Law Institute initiated a Legislative Law Clerk Program to provide efficient and cost-effective legal research for Legislators. Law students from each of Alabama’s accredited law
    schools were hired at a minimal cost to assist in legislative research and drafting during the Legislative Session. The law clerks are available during the Regular Session to assist individual Legislators in researching legal points of law as well as determining how other states have dealt with issues of interest to the Legislators. The law clerks are also available to assist the committee chairs by reviewing legislation pending before their committees and researching any points of law as requested by the committee chair.

  3. Model City Ordinances Review
    In 1991, the Institute, in conjunction with the University of Alabama School of Law
    and the Alabama League of Municipalities developed a model set of municipal ordinances. A comprehensive revision and reorganization was completed in 2003 after a two-year study. Law students have been trained and are made available to cities to compare the cities' ordinances with the Model Ordinances to determine a need to update the municipal laws and to fill voids in the city ordinances.
    This model set of ordinances is primarily for the small municipalities in the state of Alabama that do not have a full-time city attorney.
    Cities who desire to avail themselves of these services should contact the Alabama Law Institute directly. The current cost for the service is $450.00 for three days of review plus mileage and expenses. If additional time is needed to complete the project, it is billed at $15.00 per hour.